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Anacapri is a song never sung... So says a beautiful song dedicated to our town. And at the bed and breakfast Antico Monastero of Anacapri, in addition to the warm and friendly atmosphere of our home, we offer our guests the opportunity to discover this land where you can still experience the authentic side of the island of Capri. In addition to the indispensable tour of the island by boat and the chairlift to Monte Solaro, which show the island from the unique and contrasting perspectives from the sea and from its highest point, we will recommend you the most beautiful and pristine beaches, such as the Punta Carena Lighthouse beach, declared a "Blue Flag" and where you can enjoy the sun from morning to sunset. But also we will show you the many excursions that allow you to discover Anacapri in his lesser-known corners, as the Valley of Cetrella, the Path of Forts, the Path to Mount Cocucchio.
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Boat tour of the island

Really a must the island of Capri tour by boat. In less than two hours you will have the chance to see the whole island, with its caves, coves and inlets for the most part visible only from the sea. The tours, both public and private, also allow the stop with a visit to the famous Blue Grotto, but only with the island tour can see the other... colored caves of the island: the Green, the Red and the White.

Enlarge the map of the tour of the island of Capri


Chairlift to Monte Solaro and Cetrella

By contrast, the climb to Monte Solaro by chairlift in Anacapri allows you to see the entire island from its highest point, a 360-degree panorama of the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrentine Peninsula and the islands of Ischia and Procida. From Monte Solaro begins the trail to the Valley of Cetrella, with the Mackenzie House Museum of Rural Life, the hermitage of Santa Maria and the breathtaking view of the Faraglioni.

Enlarge the map of the chairlift to Monte Solaro


The beaches

The beaches of the island of Capri are all small and rocky. But the Lighthouse beach in Anacapri is the only beach of the island where you can watch the sunset on the sea. Here, in addition to the small public beach, there are also some traditional seaside resorts. In the middle of the Path of Forts there is the tiny Cala di Mesola, while not far from the Blue Grotto there is the equally small and intimate Spiaggetta Gradola which together with the Lighthouse is declared for years "Blue Flag"

Enlarge the map of the beaches of Anacapri


The historic center of Anacapri

The historic center of Anacapri, where our B&B is, is a large pedestrian area, historical and artistic heart of the town. Along the central Via Orlandi, animated by typical bars and shops, there are the Monumental Church of St. Michael, the parish church of St. Sofia, the Art Gallery of the Casa Rossa (Red House). From Piazza Vittoria you reach Villa San Michele of Axel Munthe, while Piazza Diaz is the entrance to the old neighborhood of Boffe. From the center also leave all the paths to the panoramic areas.

Enlarge the map of the historic center of Anacapri


Migliera and La Guardia

From the center of Anacapri you reach the Belvedere of Migliera, a 40-minute pleasant walk in the countryside of Anacapri. At the end, the view on the Faraglioni rocks and Punta Carena Lighthouse at sunset, offers an unforgettable sight, in summer and in winter. Nearby there is the Philosophical Park, immersed in Mediterranean scrub. In front, a path above the sea in a dense pine forest up to the ancient Tower of La Guardia, which gives the area its name. From here you can go down the steep stone stairway arriving at Faro. The view that there is amply repays the efforts...

Enlarge the map of the Migliera and La Guardia


The Path of Forts

The Path of Forts connects the Napoleonic forts built by the French in early 800. It is a path along the west coast of Anacapri, through creeks, inlets, Mediterranean scrub, in a landscape that varies from rocky areas to the more gentle green. At his side, the open sea, while the path is marked by precious books majolica embedded in the rocks, with the names of plants and animals typical of the area.

Enlarge the map of the Path of Forts


The Phoenician Stair

Before the construction of the road in 1877, the only access route from Marina Grande to Anacapri was the Phoenician Stair, 900 steps carved into the rock, which until the last century were covered daily by the women of Anacapri, bearing the head of building materials or fresh water, earning the admiration of travelers of that time. La Scala Fenicia starts near Villa San Michele, crossing the old door of Anacapri, known as of the "Differencia" (discord), to emphasize the rivalry between the two neighboring municipalities, and ends not far from the port of Marina Grande. Halfway, there is the seventeenth-century chapel of St. Anthony of Padua, loved patron saint of Anacapri.

Enlarge the map of the Phoenician Stair


The Imperial Villa of Damecuta

Probably dedicated to Juno "Domiduca", ie companion of the spouses, the Imperial Villa Damecuta is the second most important Roman remains on the island of Capri, after Villa Jovis dedicated to the divine consort Jupiter. The ruins relaxing in a large pine forest, facing south towards the Path of Forts and to the north overlooking the Blue Grotto. Over all stands the medieval tower of Damecuta, with its battlements "dovetail".

Enlarge the map of the Imperial Villa of Damecuta


Path to Mount Cocucchio

This little known route is recommended for those who are familiar climbing, being particularly steep in the central section. The trail connects the Belvedere of the Migliera with Mount Cocucchio, the hill near the upper station of the chairlift to Monte Solaro. It can be walked in both directions, but it is recommended to start from Migliera upwards. Along the way you can enjoy all the spectacular southern side of the island, from the Lighthouse of Punta Carena to the Faraglioni.

Enlarge the map of the Path to Mount Cocucchio

bed and breakfast in Anacapri
bed and breakfast in Anacapri
bed and breakfast in Anacapri

Anacapri's "secrets"

Anacapri holds places absolutely away from the touristic circuit that still retain the discreet charm of Capri in the past. Difficult to make a list, because often they are details, like a portal of stucco, a pergola, a tiled entrance, the play of light and shadows to enchant the eye of someone who knows how to observe. Difficult also because the same particular can have a different meaning depending on the person. However, continuing to quote that old song: "Anacapri is a song never sung... If you want to listen to it, we will sing to you!"